Strong Daughters is not facilitated by a grief professional.

There are many resources in the community that can provide counseling services. Such as the Grief Support Program through AHS

If you require immediate assistance contact the Calgary Distress Centre or phone 24/7 at 403.266.HELP(4357)

For more information about grief visit



Grief & Holidays

The way we celebrate the holidays, just like the way we grieve, is very individual. There is no “one size fits all” way for making it through without your loved one(s). Here are a few tips:

  1. Give yourself permission to change or add activities to your holiday routine.

  2. Be conscious of the anticipation. The days leading up to special days can sometimes be worse than the day itself.

  3. Give yourself a “Holiday Pass.” This pass lets you attend and leave events according to your own needs because you are grieving. Even if it has been two or three or eight years since your loss, still give yourself this pass.

  4. Find a way to incorporate memories into your celebration. Pictures, candles, a toast, cooking a favorite recipe, or sharing funny stories, those are just a few ways to remember your loved one.